Transvaginal mesh lawsuit are one the rise due to the adverse effects precipitated by transvaginal mesh. Transvaginal mesh is utilized in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse, a condition in which organs fall via pelvic floor into the birth canal and then stress urinary inconsistency. Even though patients were assured that insertion of transvaginal mesh was a minimal risk procedure, its complications have been found to be life threatening. Several women who have transvaginal mesh inserted into their birth canal have experienced the adverse effects and complications below.

  • Difficulty in urinating or urinary tract obstruction
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Irritation, inflammation or infection
  • Injury to urethra, bowel or bladder
  • Injury to the blood vessels of the pelvis
  • No correction of urinary inconsistency.

Manufacturers of medicines and medical devices have an obligation of ensuring the safety and efficacy of products they manufacture before marketing them for the masses. Failure to adhere to this regulation is negligent and grounds for pharmaceutical lawsuits. The manufacturer of transavaginal mesh did not include warning about the products so that the patients would be aware of the negative effects of the product and make an informed decision. The lawsuits that have been filed accuse the manufacturer of the mesh of giving misleading and insufficient information and training to doctors in order to enhance sales of the mesh. Some also argue that the manufacturer continued selling the product even after serious side effects were reported. Besides, the manufacturer failed to establish effective and safe methods of getting rid of the mesh.
It is because of this why several women and their loved ones have filed transvaginal mesh lawsuit to enable them recover emotional and financial damages. Husbands have also sued the drug manufacturer for loss of consortium since the mesh interferes with the ability of an individual to intimate. People who qualify for a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product, files the lawsuit under the guidance of a pharmaceutical attorney. The case should also be proved beyond reasonable doubt that the said injuries were as a result of the product and not natural occurrence or due to other products.

Even though many people are aware that filing a transvaginal mesh lawsuit cannot reverse the pain and agony they undergone, the compensation can help them to carter for medical expenses encompassing costs of surgeries, loss of wages, pain and suffering and loss of quality of life. The injuries precipitated with the mesh can also prevent an individual from activities such as walking, sitting. Besides, the emotional and the physical harm can affect relationships, work and daily activities of a woman. For a lot of women, the harm cannot be undone. Several surgeries may be needed to get rid of the mesh and the mesh cannot be entirely removed regardless of the number of surgeries carried out.
Because these transvaginal mesh lawsuit were filed across USA and allegations are the same, several of these cases were transferred by a judicial panel to different federal courts. The cases have been grouped under multi district litigation which involves the same claims against a single defendant. Up to now, two women have been hugely compensated.